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Why should I switch to Pipper Standard products?

Pipper Standard cleans effectively while keeping you and your environment safe from common chemical hazards.

What do we mean by this?

You’re surrounded by chemicals every day, be it from outdoor pollution or indoor chemical cleaning products. Too much exposure to these complex chemicals can lead to terrible allergies and sickness.

With Pipper Standard, you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your home safe and free from these unwanted chemicals. We can’t control outdoor pollution, but we can control our indoor health and wellbeing.

Find out more about how we help keep your homes safe. (How we help).

Where did the name Pipper Standard come from?

‘Pipper’ is the childhood nickname of our founder, Peter Wainman. It’s an acknowledgement of our dedication to create products that are safe and effective for families.

‘Standard’ speaks to the standard we would use for our own families. It means our never-compromising standard for quality, transparency and effectiveness when it comes to our products for your home.

Is there a difference in usage quantity of your liquid, compared to chemical cleaners?

Our cleaning efficacy is comparable to chemical cleaners so you can use similar amount of cleaning liquid you’ve used before, without worrying if you’ve used enough.

For best results, do have a look at the directions on the packaging.

I don’t see much foam. Is that a problem?

We use natural ingredients and do not add petrochemical surfactants which produce a lot of foam but can cause skin irritation. Therefore our products don’t generate foam as much as chemical cleaners, however it can clean just as well, or even better than the chemical options.

I see some crystallization on the lids. Is this normal?

Yes. This tends to happen in natural products as a result of the liquid’s natural transformation process. However, it has absolutely no effect on the quality of the product. Cleaning efficacy remains high.


Why is Pipper Standard good for my home?

We take great pride in using only safe and natural ingredients to bring you effective cleaning products that are free of known allergens. Our products are also biodegradable, hypoallergenic and/or non-irritation certified.

Are the products safe for everyone in my family?

Yes. Our products are made with our family in mind, and we believe they’d be good for yours too.

Read more about how important safety is for us. (Our Standard page).

How do I know that your products are truly reliable?

Pipper Standard products are made from proprietary pineapple fermentation. We then carefully select other natural ingredients and have them mixed and packaged at a certified ISO and GMP manufacturing facility. We also have hypo-allergenic and/or non-irritation certifications from Dermscan Asia for every product.

There is a United States (US) flag on a label on the bottle. What does it mean?

The logo with the U.S flag on our bottles refer to the patents we’ve received in the US for our fruit fermentation technology.

Is your detergent suitable for people with atopic dermatitis?

Our laundry detergent is hypo-allergenic certified by Dermscan Asia. We do not add sulfates, harmful fragrances, or chemical preservatives.

What is a non-irritation test?

A non-irritation test is the first phase of the clinical trials to identify if the products being tested cause any reactions when it comes into contact with the test subjects’ skin.

What is a hypoallergenic test?

This is the advanced phase of the clinical trials, and it involves using a skin patch on the back of test subjects for a period of six weeks. The trials were performed on healthy male and female Asian volunteers, between the ages of 28 and 63. The patch test helps indicate if the formula triggers any immunological reaction in our test subjects’ bodies.

Where do you get your hypoallergenic and non-irritation certifications?

We received hypo-allergenic and non-irritation certifications from Dermscan Asia.

Do you conduct pesticide residue tests?

Yes. Before our fermentation process, we run pesticide residue tests after cleaning our pineapples.


Why do you use pineapples in your formula? What makes it a potent ingredient?

We worked with many fruits over the years before discovering that pineapples are rich with useful enzymes and organic acids that break down protein and other stains.

Through our fermentation process, pineapples create a fluid packed with powerful cleaning enzymes, biosurfactants, organic acids, and natural preservatives. One of the enzymes is called bromelain, which isn’t found in other fruits. Bromelain cleans protein-based stains effectively. When we combine pineapple fermented fluid with other natural ingredients, we found a powerful cleaning efficacy that is safe for health and the environment.

Will the natural fermented fluid in the product attract mosquitos, bugs or ants?

No. Our products do not contain bug-attracting properties.

What if I’m allergic to pineapples? Can I still use your products?

Though our products are hypoallergenic and/or non-irritation certified, if you’re allergic to pineapple, we do not recommend using our products as they contain bromelain from pineapples.

What if I’m allergic to soy? Can I still use your products?

The only Pipper Standard product that contains soy is our fabric softener. Though our fabric softeners are hypoallergenic certified, if you’re allergic to soy, we do not recommend using our fabric softeners which contain lecithin from soy bean.

Do your products contain sulfates?

Sulfates, depending on the percentages used in products and the relative formulation, can be skin and eye irritants. Upon direct application to skin, they can remove skin oils. Sulfates can come from either petrochemicals or plants. For Pipper Standard’s dishwashing liquid, bathroom cleaner and stain remover, we use SLS, a plant derived sulfate, in our formulations. These products are non-irritation certified as the SLS is present in appropriately small quantities in the formulations.


Where is Pipper Standard manufactured?

We are completely made in Thailand. We source our pineapples from local farmers, and ferment them at our local facilities to create our unique fermented fruit fluid. Other natural ingredients are added to create a diverse range of products for all your household needs.

What makes your production process different?

We are different because we start from pineapple fermentation to create pineapple fermented fluid, a base ingredient in every Pipper Standard product.



Are your products suitable for both machine and hand wash?

Yes. Our products were made for both machine and hand wash.

Will the color of my clothes bleed and fade after using your detergent?

The color of your clothes should not be affected.

Can your laundry detergent be used on both adults and children’s clothing? What about delicate clothing?

Yes, it’s suitable for both adults and children’s clothing. As our laundry detergent is a natural product, it’s gentle on your skin, but tough on stains and dirt. Silk and high-performance clothing can also be washed with our laundry detergent. However, for silk, we recommend hand washing and you should refer to your garment’s recommended washing instruction.

How much of water and detergent should I use when washing my clothes?

Depending on amount of clothes you are washing, we recommend 30ml for front load and 40ml for top load washing machines. For hand washing, we recommend 30ml per 10 liter of water. (Our lid’s total volume is 50ml.)

For more instructions, refer to our product’s page.

How is your fabric softener different from others?

We do not use quats (quaternary ammonium compound). Commercial fabric softeners typically use quats, which are known irritants and certain quats can trigger allergies . We soften fabric from fermented pineapple liquid and lecithin from soy bean.

Can your stain remover remove old stains?

Yes, but the results might not be as noticeable as with new stains. You may have to try it a few times for old stains.

How do I clean my leather materials?

You can spray our multi-purpose cleaner onto a cloth, and use that to wipe off the stains on your leather materials.

Are your products biodegradable?

Yes. Pipper Standard products are certified biodegradable by independent testing agency, Thailand Textile Institute. Their studies found that more than 90% of our laundry detergent biodegrades within 28 days.

Discover more about our green practices here.


Is your dish washing liquid safe for my baby’s dishes and utensils?

Yes. Our dish washing liquids are non-toxic, and safe to use on baby dishes and utensils. For your baby’s bottles, however, we recommend our Bottle and Nipple Cleaner as it’s specially formulated to fight milk residue.

Do I need to wear gloves when using your dish washing liquid?

No. Our dish washing liquid uses natural ingredients and is non-irritation certified. It should not cause dryness on your hands like chemical based products.

Can I use the dish washing liquid in my dishwasher?

We don’t recommend this. We formulated Pipper Standard dish washing liquid for hand use.

Can the floor cleaner also be used in my child’s room?

Yes. Pipper Standard’s floor cleaner is hypo-allergenic certified. It is safe to use in children’s rooms.

Is your floor cleaner suitable for homes with pets?

Yes. In fact, we’re happy to state that several of our customers have noticed improvements in their pets’ skin problems since switching to our floor cleaner.

How effective is your bathroom cleaner against germs?

We have done certified third party testing to show that our bathroom cleaner is effective against common known germs particularly, staphylococcus aureus and E.Coli.

Do I need to wear gloves when using your bathroom cleaner?

Gloves are not required. Our bathroom cleaner is non-irritation certified and we do not add in harmful acids found in chemical cleaners.

Where can I use your multi-purpose cleaner?

It can be used on various items and surfaces, including counter tops, tables, furniture, play mats, car consoles, glass windows, mirrors, computer screens, phones, tablets, and more.


Is your Bottle and Nipple Cleaner really suitable for washing fruits?

Yes. Just squirt one pump into three liters of water, soak your fruits and vegetables for 10 minutes, then rinse well.

Can I use your Bottle and Nipple Cleaner, to clean other utensils apart from baby items?

Yes, but we recommend using our dish washing liquid when it comes to more oily utensils like pans and woks as our bottle and nipple cleaner is designed to tackle milk stains.


Is your hand soap safe for my kids?

Yes. Pipper Standard’s liquid hand soap does not contain sulfates and is non-irritation certified so we believe it is safe for your kids. We hope the light fragrance that emanates from the product, from natural essential oils, will encourage your kids to wash their hands more often.

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